Korea's largest Taobao official certification Wang Hong Broadcasting Center

It is the first MCN & V-COMMERCE company in Korea with the Taobao official certification and broadcasting center in both Korea & China and has the largest sales and marketing experience in the industry and a solid network of Wanghong.

Based on the long experience of Wanghong and V-COMMERCE in China and the accumulated data, we promise to enter the Chinese market in a stable manner under the motto of "Sales is Advertisement."





New Distribution New Marketing

Company information

Company Name

Maxtar 8


Hyung joon Kang

Major business/ Major industries

Influencer (Wanghong) Marketing / Sales Distribution / MCN

The largest Taobao official Chinese influencers broadcasting center in Korea.

We operate 16 large studios for Chinese Influences and own the network of over 500 Chinese Influencers.

Direct operation and management of a global platform (Global Taobao / TMALL International) Provides overseas direct purchase at local warehouse , ERP system and one-stop logistics system utilizing bonded zone

We provide efficient marketing of China through data/traffic/conversion analysis with customized marketing using the platform such as Viya, Shao Hong Soo, Tik Tok, Kwai.


Working process

Store/Product Registration

Company meeting with MD product show
Sample & product description page check
Design product description page (Translation & Picture)
Registration on global platform in China
Entry on Korea duty free stores

Chinese Influencer Sales/Marketing

Promoting before the online live broadcasting
(WeChat, Weibo Posting)
Sales during online live broadcasting by Chinese influencers
Marketing via short video clips
PPL through Korean beauty program


Product marketing and planning
Analyze the sales of Chinese influencers
Direct shipping from our global warehouse

Data Analysis

Broadcasting data analysis
(favorite page, visitors, inflow, cart,
amount of sales, etc.)